CoronaVirus Crisis Campaign

In the wake of the CoronaVirus epidemic, the elderly are among the most at risk.  Extreme and unprecedented measures have been taken to stop the spread among older adults.  KABC’s advocacy is needed now more than ever to assure that elder and family concerns have a strong public voice.

Aging adults in the community are challenged to find adequate resources – food, sanitary wipes, alcohol, sanitizing gel, paper products.  Many older adults cannot leave home to get critical supplies they need, and those who do find rows of empty shelves.  Caretakers who enter an elder’s home may increase the risk of virus exposure, and as healthcare workers become ill and are unable to provide the care aging adults need, elders may suffer.

Older adults in residential care facilities face increasing isolation.  On Friday March 13th the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) ordered facilities nationwide to restrict visitors from entering their buildings, and stop all group activities among residents including shared meals, leaving residents without regular human interactions beyond care assistance or medical care.  Over half of all residents in US care facilities have dementia; many will not be able to understand the changes in routine and lack of contact with other residents and families which may result in real distress for them.  Adults who experience a cognitive or physical disability may struggle to use a telephone without assistance to communicate with family members.  In Kansas, many rural communities communication is further restricted by lack of broad band internet or comprehensive cell phone service to support virtual or regular phone communication.

In times of uncertainty such as this, we see the best of our community emerge.  We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all who have asked “How can I help?” in the midst of the CoronaVirus Crisis. You can help our most vulnerable elders right now by making a gift to support KABC’s CoronaVirus advocacy.  Your gift will support KABC’s ability to assure that elder and family concerns have a strong voice as government officials are making decisions about CoronaVirus policies.

KABC’s CoronaVirus Advocacy – What Your Gift Accomplishes:

  • Working partnerships with local and statewide service organizations such as Senior Centers, Centers for Independent Living, and Area Agencies on Aging to meet the needs of elder community members during this health crisis
  • Working partnerships with disability and aging organizations to get out information regarding what the needs of older adults and those with disability are who live at home and cannot get out to get food, needed supplies and necessary, healthy care providers
  • Kansas community initiatives to provide food and infection control supplies to older adults and adults with disabilities who lack access to such necessities
  • Daily communication with KDADS (state oversight) and CMS (federal oversight) to advocate for safety and quality of life practices for adults in care facilities, and collaboration with regulators to find solutions that ease the social isolation for residents resulting from visitation restrictions
  • Enables KABC to respond to older adults and families questions and empowering them with information about their rights during the Corona Virus Crisis
  • Continual contact with consumer advocates in other states to learn more about the impact the epidemic is having on older adults and families, and to share insights and suggestions to better respond to these concerns
  • Collaboration with the Kansas Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program to coordinate support for residents and to raise a stronger voice for resident concerns with state and federal oversight agencies

In these very unpredictable times, it’s hard to be certain of things – but one thing that vulnerable elders can count on is KABC’s advocacy.
Donate now, start your own fundraiser for KABC, or contact us to learn how you can advocate for and with families and aging Kansans.

Thank YOU for making that possible!

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