SB 457 - KABC Testimony

Legislative Alert – Nursing Home Bills – Time to Act

SB 457 is to be worked this afternoon on the Senate floor (2:30). The bill would raise the tax on each nursing home bed to $4,908 from $1,950 AND NONE of that money is tied to specific quality improvements.

KABC believes the money should be tied to specific quality improvements such as a safe base of 4.5 hours of nurse and aide care for each resident daily or 50%+ reduction of anti-psychotic drugs on elders with dementia. Kansas requires only 2 hours of care per day set in 1980 and Kansas ranks 47th worst in the nation for anti-psychotic drug use on elders with dementia often referred to as chemical restraint. The industry wants millions more in funds with no strings attached. Read KABC testimony here.

If you think the money ought to be tied to better care by nurses and aides or better and specific health outcomes for residents like reduced anti-psychotic use, contact your state senator before 2:30 today. To find out who your state senator is, call 1-800-432-3924.